Student library

The Helsinki University Library serves on four campuses and online:   

In addition to visiting in person, you can contact the library via e-mail, using the feedback form or, during customer service hours, by phone and the chat available on the library’s website.  

Watch a video of the Helsinki University Library facilities and services. Duration of video 1 min 52 sec.

Use the collections

All the books and other publications in the campus libraries can be found in the Helka database. You can start reading e-books as soon as your university user account is activated. The Helka card is a library card of the University of Helsinki, which you need to loan printed material from the library offices of the Helsinki University Library.

Some libraries outside Helsinki University Library can also be searched through Helka database. These include for example the Finnish Heritage Agency Library and the library of the Finnish Literature Society. The National Library of Finland is also a part of the University of Helsinki. The National Library of Finland has its own search service.

Working in the library

The library has work areas dedicated for different needs. The colour codes for the areas indicate whether the space is intended to be completely quiet or dedicated for working or socialising.

Colour-coded signs for the recreation area, group study room, silent reading area and reading area.

Students of the University of Helsinki can:

  • Book group work spaces with their university user account in the Outlook calendar of each space.
  • Use the library’s multi-function printers to scan, print and copy material. Printing balance for the printers can be purchased in the Unigrafia Print Quota Shop.
  • Store books and study equipment in a mobile storage unit available for loan, which you can move to the spot you are working in on the library premises.

Watch the video instructions on printing at the University of Helsinki. Duration 3 min 15 sec. 

Information Seeking Courses and Guidance

The Helsinki University Library offers courses and workshops where you can practice academic information seeking skills, such as using databases. Training is available both online and on campuses.

For example, the library’s Moodle online course on information seeking allows you to study information seeking independently anywhere and any time. The library also organises guidance and events in the Guidance Corner for students related to information seeking.

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