Section 3.3 exercises


  1. Find James W. Kalat’s book “Biological psychology” in Helka. Why do you find multiple versions of the book?
  2. You are looking for the book “Research methods in human rights”. You remember that one of the authors is called Smith. Find the book in Helka and see its details. According to which letter is the book alphabetised in the shelf?
  3. What database do you use when you want to find articles published in Finland?
  4. How do you find the database Academic Search Complete? What kind of database is it? 
  5. Where can you find the Finnish equivalent for “sea elephant”?
  6. You want to read an e-book on your smart device. What should you do?


The exercise searches can be done in multiple ways – the answers below are examples of the possible solutions.

  1. Type in Helka’s search box: Kalat Biological psychology. There are several versions of the book in Helka, because there are several editions of the book and it is available both electronically and in print. 
  2. Type in Helka’s search box: “Research methods in human rights” Smith. View the book’s location information: “Hc 4th floor Oikeustiede 01.9 Research”. The book comprises articles written by different people, meaning it does not have only one author. That is why the book can be found on the shelf according to the title of the work. The title of the book begins with the word “Research”, so the book is alphabetised on the shelf under the letter “r”.
  4. Write in the Helka search box: “Academic Search Complete”. In addition to basic search, you can also use database search. It is an international multi-disciplinary database.
  5. Helka > MOT Kielipalvelu > Translate from Finnish to English.
  6. Make sure you have a reader application (e.g. Adobe Digital Editions) on your smart device. Authorise the application with your Adobe ID.