Working in the computer labs

Open spaces can easily become very noisy, so be considerate to others when working there. If someone is disturbing others, please point it out to him/her kindly. If that does not help, please notify the staff, e.g. the caretaker. In some facilities, there are also emergency telephones, with the number of the control room or a night guard programmed as speed dial.

If you notice that the computer, printer, copier or other device you are using is broken, please contact the staff immediately to have the problem fixed. Each user of a computer lab should feed paper into a printer when necessary. However, any repair operations requiring that the device is taken apart must be left to the computer lab staff.

Rules for using the computer labs
1. Set your mobile phone to ‘silent’ when you enter the computer lab. You are not allowed  to talk on the phone in the computer lab.
2. Be considerate of others and do your team assignments in rooms allocated for that purpose. It is not allowed to talk loudly in or near computer labs. Please keep in mind that people are working at the computers.
3. You can reserve a computer for 20 MINUTES AT THE MOST if you have to leave. When temporarily leaving the computer, lock the computer and leave a note on the keyboard, stating when you left the computer. Please note that it is not polite to reserve the computer during rush hours (usually 12-17 on weekdays).
If the computer lab is full, and you see a computer that has been unoccupied for more than 20 minutes, or is missing a note stating when the user left, you can free the computer for your own use. This can be done by pressing and holding the power switch until the computer turns off and then restarting it.
Please note that the workstations with special equipment (graphics, video conference) are primarily reserved for users who need the special equipment. If you need e.g. a scanner, you can ask a user at a scanner workstation to move to another computer if they are not using the scanner.
4. Do not eat at the computer. Eating near the computer soils keyboards and other devices, and after eating, the litter often remains on the table. In addition, you may cause the computer to break, or even a dangerous situation if you handle liquids near an electric device. Always clean up after yourself.
5. If you need help, ask for it. You can receive help for your computer problems from helpdesk via e-mail ( and by phone (02 941 55555).
6. Do not handle the devices roughly! All facilities have recording surveillance cameras installed. Therefore, vandalizing the equipment leads not only to extra trouble and a maintenance break, but also to a bill for the guilty party to pay.