Read e-books

As a student at the University of Helsinki, you have a comprehensive collection of e-books at your disposal. You can search for eBooks in Helka or in BookNavigator.

In order to use the Helsinki University Library data remotely, you must have a valid University of Helsinki username.

You can read e-books online on your computer or mobile device. The easiest way to read an e-book is with a browser. Several e-book services allow you to create a user account to access features such as creating notes and highlights in books that are saved for later use. Some services also require you to create a service-specific account to download the book to your device.

PDF books require the free Adobe Reader programme (or equivalent).

Most e-books can also be borrowed, which means that you upload the book to your device for a limited period of time. To download a book, you need a reading programme, such as the free Adobe Digital Editions. If you want to read the e-book you borrowed on various devices, you will need to have an Adobe ID to authorise multiple devices to use the book.

The loan periods for books vary in different e-book services. However, if you no longer need an e-book and the loan period has not yet expired, you should return the book before the loan period expires. That way, the book will become available to others.

The loan will be automatically returned at the end of the loan period. There are no late fees for e-books.

An e-book cannot be opened after the loan period has expired, but it you can borrow it again.

Services also have different limitations for printing books or parts of books.

You can also use the books of almost all e-book services on your mobile device. If you want to use the e-book on your phone or tablet, you can use the Aldiko or Adobe Digital Editions application. You can read Ellibs e-course books (Ellibs course books/textbooks) with the Ellibs’ application.

More detailed instructions on the use of eBooks can be found in the eBooks Guide.

Raymond’s platonic friend Gunilla Parmesan had acquired a new flat and a dog. Raymond was already on his way to her housewarming party, painfully aware of the fact that a big exam was waiting for him. On his way, he popped into the library to borrow an exam book, so he would be able to start reading immediately on the next morning. At Gunilla’s place, Raymond left his bag open by the door. As he was leaving, Raymond discovered his open bag, and next to it, a badly torn exam book, with some tattered pages ripped out. The dog was sitting in the corner. Raymond crouched down by the dog, and in the animal’s apologetic gaze, he thought he saw a suggestion to seriously consider becoming an eBook user. Raymond nodded at the dog. So it would be. An eBook could be checked out on a Sunday morning, and could not be eaten.

Watch the instructional video on how to narrow down the Helka search to only e-books.