Section 2.5 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Studying in an online learning environment

  1. Acquaint yourself with the online courses available through the Univeristy of Helsinki Moodle learning environment by opening the page Log in with your university user name and click the name of your Faculty in the category window in the middle of the following screen. Take a look at the courses available in your faculty. Log out of the service after you are done.
  2. Log in to the university’s Moodle learning environment, and click on your own name at the top right of the window to access your user data. Make sure that the information is up to date.

EXERCISE 2 – Streaming video and video and sound files

  1. Locate the Unitube service. Are you able to view the video on your device?

EXERCISE 3 – Remote access to your home directory

  1. Try accessing your own home directory remotely. If you have saved any files in your home directory, you can try to download them to your own computer.
  2. Save this example file on your UH home directory. Next, open it on another device, such as your mobile phone, your computer or a computer in the UH facilities. Use a VPN connection when completing the exercise!

EXERCISE 4 – Remote access to restricted services inside the UH network

  1. Install the VPN software on your home computer (if you have one):
  2. test the VPN connection by using the MOT dictionaries at It is likely that your home internet service does not allow access to them unless you start a VPN connection.

EXERCISE 5 – Wikis and blogs

  1. Log in to the university’s wiki service at If you have not yet created your own personal Wiki account, do it now. Try adding new pages and entering text into your wiki space.