Wireless networks


The University of Helsinki is a member of Eduroam, a worldwide organisation which provides roaming network access for universities and research institutes. You can log in to the Eduroam networks with your university user account both at the University of Helsinki campuses and in other Eduroam organisations around the world. A wireless connection to Eduroam is established with a WLAN connection.

Traffic in Eduroam is encrypted in order to safeguard it from potential eavesdropping. Furthermore, when you use Eduroam elsewhere, you can access the University of Helsinki’s perimeter network directly and, as a result, a separate VPN login is not needed for accessing library materials, for instance.

More information and instructions about wireless connections can be found on the Helpdesk site.

Unlike other online services of the University of Helsinki, the username format used when logging in to Eduroam is username@helsinki.fi. 

HelsinkiUni Guest network for visitors

Guests and visitors at the University of Helsinki can access the free wireless HelsinkiUni Guest network.

For staff and students, Eduroam is the best suited wireless network at the university. But for temporary guests and visitors, the HelsinkiUni Guest network provides an easy way to access the Internet wirelessly. No separate account is needed to use the guest network. One can simply access the network with the password uniguest.

Instructions on using the HelsinkiUni Guest network can be found from the Helpdesk site.

There are certain limitations to using the guest network:

  • Session times are limited to max. 5 hours at a time, after which one must stop to accept the terms of use again.
  • The session will time out if the network is not used for 30 minutes.
  • The speed of the network is limited.
  • Access to services is limited: services that are limited to within the university network can only be accessed via a VPN connection (and/or Eduroam).