Downloadable programs

Installing Office applications on your own devices for free

As a student and Office 365 user of the University of Helsinki (more information about O365 in the next chapter), you are entitled to install and use all of the office applications included in the Office ProPlus suite on your computer and other devices for free for the duration of your studies at the university. The suite includes the text processing application Word, the spreadsheet application Excel, the presentation application PowerPoint, the e-mail client Outlook and the note application OneNote.

You can install the applications via OWA by clicking on the Office 365 text button at the top left of the screen (see the image below). Click on Install now to install the software on your desktop or laptop computer. If you are installing the suite on a mobile device, select Get Office on your devices.


You can find more detailed instructions on how to install Office applications on your own devices on the Helpdesk site.

Download Centre

The University of Helsinki offers the students several applications for free personal use through the Download Centre. Download Centre contains both free software and applications distributed based on licences bought by the university. You can find the Download Centre at A list of the programs available for download can be found in Flamma.

The applications shown in the service vary slightly according to user. A student registered as absent sees a lot fewer software programs than an active student, while the applications offered to postgraduate students or staff are slightly different.

  • Some installation packages of the Download Centre are compressed files (zip, gz and 7z formats, for example). More information about compressing and uncompressing can be found in chapter 1 of this material.
  • Some installation packages can be downloaded as so-called images. These can be identified by the file extension “.iso”. To install such a software, you need an application which allows you to use the image directly from the file instead of burning it to a DVD. Virtual CloneDrive is a free software suitable for this purpose. You can find the installation and user instructions for it in the IT Center’s Helpdesk site.


This demo video shows how you can download a program from the university’s Download Centre. In chapter 1 of this material you can find more information and demo videos about removing and installing programs.