Tips and instructions for reading

Welcome to the Student’s digital skills course learning material! The material has been divided into sections which you can browse either through the menu at the top or the menu on the left, which displays the currently opened sub-section. The sections and their learning goals are presented on the front page.

Please note that you do not need to read everything! If you already have a solid grasp on the contents of a section, and have received a good score on the entry-level exam, feel free to move on!

A PDF version has also been made of the learning materials. If you wish to read the materials offline, simply save the file on your device and open it later. Please note, however, that the PDF version is not updated as often as the online version, i.e. it may not be 100% up-to-date.

Additional reading material

In addition to the primary reading material, the course features an additional reading material, which contains more advanced information on useful topics which are not included in the course study goals. The topics of the additional reading material include web publishing, image editing, and information on math software.


The material contains many links, both internal to the material and links that lead to other web sites. The internal links mostly open inside the same window. The links that lead to other sites (additional reading, instruction pages etc.) open into a new tab or new window, depending on the settings of your browser.

The information behind the links is mainly supplementary, and can be useful for those looking for extra information. As such, you should not let them disturb your reading experience if you want to focus on reading the learning material from start to finish!

Info boxes

In addition to normal text paragraphs, there are info boxes scattered among the material, indicating various types of content:

Advanced information on the topic at hand can be found in blue boxes.

Important! Especially important issues are marked like this.

The material follows the adventures of UH Example Representative Raimo Keski-Vääntö. Raimo’s stories can be found in these boxes.

Some concepts are demonstrated using educational videos and video exercises. They are marked in red.