Section 3.2 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Subject headings and thesauruses

Go to the thesaurus in the ERIC database and look for subject headings to use in a search on the subject “Rearing of gifted children”.

EXERCISE 2 – Information-retrieval methods

Create a search sentence by combining the subject headings you found in the previous exercise with Boolean operators. Truncate words with a ? at the end.

EXERCISE 3 – Information retrieval on the open web

Find web pages on intelligence or aptitude with Google. Limit the search to pages that have been updated during the past month and the search words occur in the heading of the page.


EXERCISE 1 – Subject headings and thesauruses

Open the thesaurus in ERIC and tick the box “Include Synonyms”. Search for the subject heading ”gifted children”.

4.2. exe1

At the term ”Gifted children”, the thesaurus directs you to use the subject heading “gifted”, for which one of the related terms in this subject field is “Talent”.
Then look for the term “child rearing”. By clicking on the subject heading, you will see more related terms: ”Parent Child Relationship”, ”Parenting Skills” and ”Parenting Styles”
For this information search, the list of subject headings in the ERIC thesaurus could look like this:
Child Rearing
Parent Child Relationship
Parenting Skills
Parenting Styles

EXERCISE 2 – Information-retrieval methods

By truncating the search words with ? and combining them with Boolean operators, you can form the search phrase (gifted OR talent) AND parent? AND “child rearing”, for example.

EXERCISE 3 – Information-retrieval on the open web

In Google choose “Settings” and open “Advanced search”. At last update:, select “past month” from the drop-down menu and at “terms appearing:“, select “in the title of the page”. Enter intelligence aptitude in the field “any of these words:“. Click on “Advanced  search”.