Section 3.3 exercises

EXERCISE 1 – Resource search functionality on the library website

  1. Find the book: “Hierarchical linear models : applications and data analysis methods.” Consider why the search results include two literature references of the same book.
  2. You don’t remember the exact name of the book you want to find, but you recall that the name of one of the authors is Enli and the title includes the words ”social media” and ”politics” or ”policy”. How do you search for the book?
  3. How do you search for e-journals about sport and sport research?

EXERCISE 2 – Databases

  1. How do you find the database Academic Search Complete? What kind of database is it?
  2. What database do you use when you want to know what “database” is in Finnish?

EXERCISE 3 – E-books

  1. You must have a reader software to use an e-book on your tablet. What software do you need?


The exercise searches can be done in multiple ways – the answers below are examples of the possible solutions.

EXERCISE 1 – Helka search 


Every changed edition of the book gets its own literature reference. In this case there are two different editions from the years 1992 and 2002.


"social media" Enli polit*


EXERCISE 2 – Databases


Multi-disciplinary database. Provides indexing and abstracts for over 12 500 scholarly journals in a variety of disciplines, and full text for over 8500 of these journals.

2. MOT Online Dictionary > accept the terms of use > choose MOT Pro Finnish-English or MOT Finnish-English

EXERCISE 3 – E-books

1. Bluefire Reader